NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Loora Kaubi Emerging artist

Loora Kaubi has graduated from the painting department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, she has also studied in the sculpture department at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Kaubi has participated in the Young Sculptor Award Exhibition in ARS project space and in the international group exhibition “Where is the body?” in Vienna and its branch exhibition in Narva. In addition, she has performed at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, in Vent Space project space and at Kanuti Gildi Saal. Kaubi has been awarded the Weekly Prize of the Young Estonian Contemporary Art Association. Her practice revolves around the (female) body, its owner, and social power structures. Loora Kaubi tends to have a humorous approach to her topics of interest and she often seeks ways to interpret personal experiences with a slightly escapist twist.


I'm being haunted by a lingering feeling