NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Paatti (Aquatic deluxe remix escape vehicle), 2023

170 x 90 cm

Metals, sea plants, emotions, silicone, epoxy, motor, found objects/treasures.

I remember clearest the sea trips made with acid-resistant steel boat, welded from ones own plans.
The first sculpture I experienced, an unsinkable ship. Bouncing on the waves, salty spindrifts on face, the smell of life jackets.

Play got mixed with fear. Not the fear of drowning, but of what’s beneath the surface, what I can’t see. I remember when I was very small, I was
afraid that while diving, my hands would sink into a rotting body or something would eat me.

There is a tilted boat near Kaisaniemi. It’s one of my safety views in Helsinki. Sometimes I go and greet it up close. Trees, some graffiti and
beautiful buildings are also often safetythings. Rarely any sculptures.

I’m not sure if it all started from water or fear. For a long time I thought it’s water.

Some kind of skin touches my toe.