NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

I'm being haunted by a lingering feeling, 2022

250 x 200 cm

Metal, silicone, fabric, engine, moving projector.

“It is a well-known fact that one never sees the sun in a dream, although one is often aware of some far brighter light.” -Julia Kristeva The work deals with acting out an intense emotion, while wandering between the real and the imaginary. The fictional scene gives a glimpse of eerie potential through sound, light, movement and objects. At the same time the scene tries to sabotage itself with its fragmentary presence. The artificial materials mimic a living organism – with skin-like objects resembling natural armour that is familiar but detached from the body. Through cognitive connections, this can evoke relatable feelings on both personal and universal levels. How can one capture this feelable-something that suddenly falls on the shoulders and paralyses the whole body? The work was exhibited at the EKA Tase’22 graduation show in ARS project space.



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