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Erki Kasemets

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Erki Kasemets studied scenography (BA, 1993) and fine art (MA, 1996) and obtained a PhD in art and design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. His work is inspired by bricolage and sustainable thinking, combining the materials at hand with biographical information. His creative expressions include object and panel painting, garbage art, polygon theatre, games and other performance art, collection, documentation, the artist group Vedelik, environmental and stage design etc. Summarising the intertwining of his art and life over decades, his work Life-File is a collection of thousands of overpainted milk and juice cartons. Kasemets is currently working on a hiking trail marked with art in Harju County. He won the Audience Award at the 2020 Spring Exhibition and his most recent solo exhibition, Karl Marx in the Animal Kingdom took place at Draakoni Gallery in 2020.



Masterpiece by Erki Kasemets
180 x 210 cm
Zebra and the Horizon by Erki Kasemets
Zebra and the Horizon  
300 x 300 cm

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