NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Paint Job, 2017

300 x 300 cm

NB! The artwork does not have fixed measurements (animation and sculptures)

Sculptures: Aluminium, auto paint, polishing vax, 2017; Flooring: PVC interlocking tiles;

Necklace: Video, 3D motion graphics, HD, silent, 5 min loop, 2018

In the exhibition ”Paint Job”, the artists create an undefined industrial environment that confronts the representation of organic bodies: their traces, their loss, their needs. In “Paint Job”, movements of jewellery and farmed salmon are prompted by the rhythms of production and exploitation. The installation appropriates shapes and high-energy colours that have been manipulated by contemporary consumer culture in order to facilitate faster customer turnover and product desirability.

The video of the floating 3D necklace explores the relationship that material and object have to social class and the body that wears it, while the colors of the aluminium sculptures, selected from the standardised color set “SalmoFan”, address the artificial colouring used in aquaculture to imitate the colour that biodiversity would normally provide in the wild. It becomes increasingly difficult to judge if we are triggered solely by a product’s engineered shape and colour, or if what we are experiencing is the result of our bodies and their natural and cultural histories.

Paint Job at Galerie Klubovna_6

Paint Job at Galerie Klubovna_7

Paint Job at Galerie Klubovna_4