NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Object barks, 2023

100 x 100 cm

Mixed media installation. Stone, galvanised metal, aluminium, plexiglass, fabric, polymer, paint, paper, digital prints

Being an introvert myself, quiet and without a strong subjective opinion, in conversations I’m a good listener. I like to look into one point and get lost in the emptiness of my mind. For most of my life, I can be seen as a decorative cushion left on the sofa, almost 37 degrees warm and endowed with a rhythmic pulsation. The desire to create a three-dimensional, physical object in space turned into an idea, to create a non-object. The search for an answer to the question – is it possible to create a non-object or a formless object – led me to additional questions that allowed me to see the answer as a rhizome. Finally, I was interested in the process itself – the path to the imaginary result. The self-imposed condition to look at the object with the eyes of a newborn has been transformed into a condition for the viewer as well. As a result, there are stone clay objects in the space, which only become such when they are in contact with the viewer. They are non-objects when they are not being looked at. I myself did not define any conditions for their associative field, I tried to move away from the similarity with already existing objects and life forms. A non-object exists as an idea of a such, possibly existing in space. I invite you to experience the moment in which the non-object becomes an object.