NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The fern flower, 2022


Acrylics on unprimed linen Fern flower connects with the mythology of the Baltic Sea area. Fern flower refers to a flower that doesn’t exist elsewhere than in our language(s) and imagination. Aino Kallas, the writer who was deeply connected with both Finland and Estonia, gave the blossoming fern a special place. In her novel Sudenmorsian (1928) it was a focus of supernatural forces. There was only one way to pass the line between our world and that other realm where the fern blossoms – an old spell. Magic is an occupation to make invisible real, and in a same way painting accedes indescribable areas of being. In the beginning of the Fern flower there were only pigments and unprimed canvas, and a will to cross that line to some other world. The process itself has a key role. It was important to reject conscious intentions and too early materializing visual ideas. Chosen medium, self-made paints with pigments and acrylic medium, makes it possible to erase and cover already defined tracks over and over again, till the spell was ready.

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