NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Crocodile City 2091, 2019


Oil on canvas, mdf, expanded polystyrene, fille, oil and pencil Crocodile City 2091 is Astrid Strömberg’s second part of her master thesis work, the first part was named Non- Sense and consisted of an installation with 13 oil paintings and some three dimensional objects held at the schools gallery Project Room 29.3-14.4.2019. Crocodile City 2091 is an installed painting and is read as one work consisting of two large scale paintings, tree panels, 16 smaller “blocks” and wall paint. She is dealing with feelings, wonderings and imaginations of what could be or what is now. She is using images from the endless source of social media and connect different thoughts and ideas true images. The connection of images in her work may be clear to her for a moment but often meanings of things get distorted and a bit “messed up”. In Crocodile City 2091 she deals with thoughts on the future. She is imagining a place where the humans, as we now us, is gone and the creature watching the “structure” the art work form is seeing some kind of ruin of a time that has already past. She is using aesthetic from sci-fi comic books and other popular culture references.