NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Vertigo, 2022


Acrylics on unprimed linen

Vertigo is about luring an event or an episode in a defined place – the canvas. Event starts here in a very basic level, as a reaction between the working hand and the apparent emptiness of the canvas. Choosed materials support this primordial state: simple, ancient boneblack pigment and unprimed linen.

The main interest in this painting is the reaction to the emptiness – and what will happen when painting takes its shape under the terms of invisible restrictions. And so the canvas becomes a battlefield of two different forces: subject-black-definer and pull-emptiness-resistance. The blackness dances with dry strokes around the grayish areas and eventually concentrates to a powerful triangle form. This form takes a violent relationship to the blank resistance-form.

Sadness rises. Why does it always have to be like that? Why the figure of a woman is, again, so inevitable for placing the undefined? Sadness and empowerment are present at the same moment. They form a kind of stencil for some obscure humane neural activity. Does it really persist over the centuries and milleniums?

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