NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Kati Sankala Emerging artist

Kati Sankala (b. 1982, Lahti) is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She is finishing her master’s degree in fine arts in the Uniarts Helsinki. Her earlier degree is from Free Art School in Helsinki, which is known for its profound attitude towards colour work in painting. From the very beginning of her career Sankala has had a passion for creating peculiar atmospheres with carefully considered colour combinations. Recently her paintings have taken more limited use of colour palette, which supports appearing visual forms and effects sensation in a new way. Sankala is deeply inspired by philosophy and literature, where she draws obscure themes like changing relationships between human and material world and the fluid nature of the perception. Sankala’s works include collections of the Finnish state and HUS Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital district.


The birth of Ella  
The fern flower