NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Rusted cult, 2023

100 x 150 cm

akrüül ja gesso lõuendil

This painting is directly inspired by the Russian T-72 tank, which was put on display in the spring of 2023 at the Freedom Square in Tallinn (as well as elsewhere in Estonia). That tank had participated in the attack against Kiev a year earlier before it was destroyed by the brave Ukrainians.

Of course, passers-by did not miss the opportunity to photograph and film it from every possible angle.

Unfortunately, there were also some who placed flowers on the tank, essentially expressing sympathy for the aggressor with this gesture. Similar incidents are known to have taken place in Berlin and Vilnius.

Some may also see here a connection with the infamous tank of Narva.

It seems that for a certain part of the society, all this tank glorification has achieved some form of religious dimension, hence the title of the painting “Rusted cult”.

The painting will be exhibited in the spring of 2023 at the annual exhibition of the Estonian Painters Association “Reality and Imagination”, the author also does not exclude using it as part of some of his future solo exhibitions.

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