NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Moral Degradation, 2018


Acrylic and gesso on military canvases

Each painting is 120 x 200 cm

The series “Moral degradation” consists of four paintings, painted on military canvas. These works show how warfare has been stripped of the honor it once seemed to have. In ancient times wars were fought man to man, as equals, but now violence is directed at innocent civilians.

The first painting features ancient warriors with swords and spears pointed, facing each other. The second painting shows soldiers surrounding and harassing a pregnant woman and her children. The third painting depicts a terrorist blowing himself up in the middle of a crowd. The fourth painting, a direct follow-up of the previous one, features a tank driving towards the viewer, oblivious to the corpses lying in front of it.

“This series shows that, despite my militaristic reputation, I am still critical of the subject and I refuse that innocents have to suffer,” says the artist.

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