NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Pharmacie M.D. 2038, 2023

29.7 x 21 cm

LED light bulb, magnifying glass, vitamin D capsule, A4 print Vitamin D capsule, illuminated by a LED light bulb, replicates human relationship  with the sun.

By passing through the magnifying glass its artificial light is being transformed  into a “sunbeam” that illuminates a picture of a forest. According to scientists, pictures of nature can evoke positive emotions in people, just like sunshine and vitamins. In 1914 Mercel Duchamp bought a cheap reproduction of winter landscape by an unknown artist. Then he added two drops of colour (green and red) creating a readymade . This became Duchamp’s artistic property under the title “Pharmacie. Marcel Duchamp/ 1914″. “Pharmacie” is now being re-created again and supplemented with a ray of artificial sunlight. The title “Pharmacie M.D. 2038” refers to Marcel Duchamp’s copyright expiring in year 2038.

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