NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Two Times for The First Time, 2022

photographs, video (colour, silent), wood, fabric

Two Times for The First Time is a photo series studying relationships to virtual worlds and how interactions with a space detached from the body shape the way we might understand the tactile world. Through the use of the photographic medium, history and ontology is woven into a digital vacuum of computer created 3D-imagery. The series is exhibited as an overall photo-installation with a performative quality to it. The work aims – by encouraging the viewer to move around it – to impose over them, a state of flux between the virtual and the physical. Photographs, along with projected 3D-animations of light, clouds and smoke on the surfaces of the wooden installation structures act as evidence of this transition between worlds. The project was born out of a prolonged interest in documentary photography, the camera apparatus and how these perceived-to-be-objective things could be twisted into world building tools. In this case, I use these tools to study my own unrecorded history – my memories created in virtual circumstances.