NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Gabriele Monginaite Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

I’ve always been into visual language, this is the only way I could fully express my thoughts (in words – not so). In 2018 I finished my Graphic Design degree studies (Vilnius Academy of Arts), where I became interested in illustration, photography, and animation. Later, I perceived that moving images are what I thrive for. For the past 2 years, I have been studying for a master’s degree at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of Photography and Media Art. My 2-year research was about the relations between the artist and his native land and the reflection of all of this: the landscape, social and cultural relations in his work. During my studies, I participated in the KUNO Workshop: Nida Equinox and Media E(q)cology School (NEMES), 2022. This workshop provided me with the opportunity to meet new people and gain insight into their perspectives. Collaborating with others and working on group projects, where various viewpoints converge, has always proven to be a valuable experience for me. It was also interesting and important for me to gain knowledge about various moving image cases, so I participated in: “360° Moving Image”; “Philosophical Film-Criticism and/as Philosophy of Love”; “Moving Image Territories” lecture. I also attended a “Scriptwriting workshop”, and a “Sound workshop” with the practice of mastering and sound design tasks.


100 x 100 cm