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Eglė Tamulytė Emerging artist

Shaltmira (real name Eglė Tamulytė, born 1988) is an artist, an occultist, a shapeshifter, a nomad and an enigma. She is provocative, bold and has recognisable aesthetics. She is known for her socially conscious illustrations, questioning of the authority, human rights activism, radical performances and intense presence on the social media. Shaltmira has risen from the underground and DIY culture and has BA in Graphics, with specialization in illustration. Shaltmira’s creative field is wide and she is using different medias wisely to prove her point. From murals to post-documentaries, from tattooing to public speaking – everything she touches has the deep philosophical undertones.

Eglė Tamulytė was born in Šakiai, Lithuania and attended Vilnius Academy of Arts, receiving a B.A. in graphics, with specialization in illustration in 2012. Currently graduating MA at the same place. She made herself a name using the nickname Shaltmira. Her work has been recognised in Lithuania and abroad. In 2014 she won first place and award at PIN DIENA, as the best graphic artist. She has been awarded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture with the scholarship for her Artist Research in 2016, as well as was granted the Status of Art Creator from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Eglė won the prestigious Ary Stillman grant in 2016. In 2017 her illustration, feminine version of Lithuania’s Coat of Arms, became the symbol of National Emancipation Day in Lithuania. Her body of work ranges from traditional and digital illustrations, canvases, tattoos to performances, short movies and group projects. From 2015 till 2019 Eglė was travelling the world and participating in various art projects in London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, Mexico City, Bogota. She had solo and group exhibitions, performances in Pančevo (Serbia), Paris, Malmo (Sweden), Athens, Amsterdam, Ommen (Netherlands), Rome and many places in Lithuania. Currently Eglė is based in Griškabūdis, Lithuania. Since 2016 she had been closely collaborating with Vector Gallery in New York. In 2017 she did a solo performance at “Satellite Art Show”, during “The Art Basel Miami” week. Currently is based in Lithuania. Eglė’s art when she was creating under the name Shaltmira was known for provocative, bold and has recognisable aesthetics. She had made a solid portfolio of socially conscious illustrations questioning authority, addressing human rights. Numerous radical performances and intense presence on social media made a splash in Lithuania’s media. Shaltmira was utilizing absurdity, mess and complexity, randomness, high brow & low brow, and discordian humor. The main goal of E. Tamulytė’s work is education through art, development of public self-awareness. This is also reflected in her MA thesis “Visual Programming and Socially Responsible Art” . Eglė is not limited to the creation of visual arts, but perceives art as a tool for self-knowledge and the study of existence, and emphasizes creative thinking rather than the importance of chosen expression. Eglė Tamulytė is unique in her knowledge of society’s norms and codes. As a result of this cognition, her work transcends the boundaries of the visual arts fan club and reaches the field of non-art enthusiasts. RESIDENCIES Jun 2019 “R/Evolution”. “Menų zona” (“Art Zone”), Klaipėda, Lithuania Nov 2012 “Russian avant garde in comics”. Curated by V.Palibrk. “Elektrika Gallery”. Pancevo, Serbia Feb 2012 “Wonderous stories: from xenophobia to amazement”, Ommen, Holland GRANTS AND AWARDS 2016 m. Ary Stillman Grant 2016 m. Eglei Tamulytei buvo suteikta šešių mėnesių Lietuvos Kultūros Tarybos stipendija vykdyti meniniam tyrimui “Kosmogenezė: Urbanistinis šamanizmas ir vizualiai suvokiamas mokymąsis” 2016 m. Lietuvos Respublikos Kultūros Ministro įsakymu Eglei Tamulytei suteiktas Meno kūrėjo statusas. Nuo 2015 m. ­ Nepriklausomos meno organizacijos RAW ARTISTS narė. (http://www.rawartists.org/) 2014 m. įvertinta PIN dienos premija kaip Geriausia PIN dienos kūrėja (projekto rengėjai – Lietuvos gretutinių teisių asociacija AGATA ir menų agentūra „Artscape“, Vilnius, Lietuva) SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019 „R/evoliucija“. “Menų zona” (“Art zone”), Klaipėda, Lithuania 2016 “Cosmogenesis”, 5 MALŪNAI gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania 2015 05 “Sisters of Monelle“, Museum of Etnography in Marijampole, Lithuania 2015 05 “HypersigilZ“ at State Small Theatre of Vilnius, Lithuania 2014 “Traverse”) comix exhibition, “PIN diena 2014“.“Day of World Intellectual Property”. Jamaika hostel, Vilnius, Lithuania 2014 „A Night With Shaltmira”, kur. Paola Verde, Kunst Kabinet 451, Berlin, Germany 2014 “BAD ARTWORKS“ at OSLO NAMAI – Art space, Vilnius, Lithuania GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019.03 “Occulture”. Berlin, Germany 2018 LE BEAU EST TOUJOURS BIZARRE, Basel, Switzerland 2017 “PANDEMONIUM”, Rat Trap. Bogota, Colombia 2017 ULTRA MEDIA CONTROL. Curated by JJ Brine. Vector Gallery, New York. 2017 URBAN WITCHES NOT BITCHES #2 : A Pagan Wheel of the Seasons. Curated by Viviana Druga. Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2017 BAPHOMET RISING. Curated by Mascha Lagnia. Berlin, Germany. ​2016 COSMOGENESIS cycle: VAGINA’S APOLOGIES. Urban Spree. Berlin. Germany 2016 COSMOGENESIS cycle: The Black Lodge. Vilniaus Vartai. Vilnius. Lithuania. 2016 COSMOGENESIS cycle: LABYRINTH. The Night of Culture. Kablys. Vilnius. Lithuania 2016 12 CHASM. Curated by Julia Maria Sinelnikova. Brooklyn, New York. 2016 i k o n o s t a s i s, LocatieZ, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, Haga, Netherlands PERFORMANCES 2018 ‘Shapeshifting’ at Unusual Tuesdays, Sunland Sunspace, Los Angeles 2017 ‘The Empty Cup is Easier to Carry.’ Satellite Art Show, Oracle’s booth. Miami 2017 ‘Dominate Your Reality, Lilith’. Austin Dungeon, Texas 2017 ‘We Kontrol the Media’, Vector Gallery, New York 2017 ‘I Am The Bridge’, In front of Trump’s Tower,New York 2017 ‘Occultwalls’, INK INC, Mexico 2017 LIBERTINE ELLIS: SEDUCTION OV TZEENTCH, London 2017 ‘CYBERGOETIA. I Sucked Your Dick, But You Were Bored’, CHASM Pt.2, New York 2016 ‘Goldenrats and the Lightning’, CHASM Pt.1, New York 2016 ‘Total Kontrol, Vector Gallery, New York 2016 ‘Spirit Of Self Sabotage’, C-Squat, New York 2016 ‘The Minister of Chaos’, Vector Gallery, New York 2015 ‘Artist is Online’, The Night of Culture, Vlnius, Lithuania 2015 ‘Sacrifice for the Rat’, VLeft-Right Gallery, ilnius, Lithuania 2013 ‘Self Creation’, Night of Culture, Vilnius 2012 ‘The last word of a man’, Level B, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius 2012 ‘Vagina’s Apologies’, Vilnius, Pamėnkalnio Gallery, Lithuania


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