NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Inner (R)Evolution, 2019


Canvas, acrylics

“Inner R/Evolution” is a contemplation of paradigmal shifting and transformation of one’s beliefs. It is a significant work for the artist who spent a lifetime researching different doctrines while looking for the answers to the existential questions. Each time when adapting to a different point of view it felt like restructuring the very particles of the living body. With a different worldview the perception of self is changing as well. The information is not recycled, but fully replaced. The old ideas are being discarded. The process that resembles the amputation of the limb. Even though these operations are immensely painful, the artist finds the strength to laugh at it, comparing self to the image of a monkey beating the drum. Bizarre contrast between the bright colors and how serious the matter is – created an unsettling atmosphere in the dynamic composition. Laughter in this case is the coping mechanism of choice. Morphing body of the human, represented by monkey (reference to the limited capacity of human beings to understand the metaphysics of existence), who beats the drum, as it floats through space. We can only witness inner transformations as they are being voiced out. Loud as the drum. It has no end.

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