NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

BODY, 2016

200 x 150 cm

Used materials: different cremes, foundation, face powder, thread, clamp on hogskin.

The aim of this project is to present a woman’s body as some kind of buyable skin. The approach to a female body is divided into three.

The first one is a direct way – how is a woman’s body purchased. This refers to using a female body as an sex object, their body is sold for satisfaction.

The second one is the indirect selling. This is how one sells some third product through advertising and using a woman’s body. It could be a woman posing for a car commercial, where the product they are selling has nothing to do with the depicted woman, but only used to gain attention.

The third one is selling something for a woman’s body or skin. It is something that a woman should use. For example, an anti-aging cream, sunscreen or foundation. It is something that everybody uses regularly. 

The piece was exhibited during the “Viva arte viva” exhibition in the house of ARS last year.


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