NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform
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Textile and Jewellery Synergy in Contemporary Jewellery Collection, 2017

2 x 2 cm

Silverplated brass, viscose

The work presents a synergy between textile and jewellery art in a modern
(personal) jewellery collection. Health fibres, such as milk and amber, were also used as they have preserved the original product properties: moisturising property of milk protein and succinic acids contained by amber which are very useful for skin. The designed collection of jewelleries has clear geometric shapes, clean, intertwining openwork patterns with grainy silver surface finish. The personal style is developed through maintaining a balance between decorativeness and subtlety.

Other work from the series:


Laura Motiejunaite. Bracelet. 2017. 20×15 cm. Silver plated brass, viscose

Fragment of the bracelet:


Laura Motienjunaite. 2017. 15×10 cm. Amber fiber, metalised thread, silver plated brass