NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

100, 2018

110 x 111 cm

Plaster, rope

The installation reveals a shocking truth about my consciousness. A hanged baby as a symbol has been haunting me for some time and as a consequence it has made me want to tell the story of my fears, problems and dreams. Hanged babies started appearing in my life many years ago, when my childhood doll was hanged from the window of my dormitory and I watched it every day for about a year. I started to draw it, dream about it, decorate it, and I did not even know why I did not want to remove it from the window and from my mind. I used the same doll that was hung from my window in the installation, as well as two other dolls from my childhood. The piece was made for the exhibition “Kui Ma Elust Peaks Ärkama” which translates to ‘if I should wake from life’. The exhibition explored self-discovery through physical and rhythmical work. It carried ideas of psychoanalysis, fears, dreams, and unconscious minds. Something as powerful as fear never strikes only a single person. There are always more people that understand fear and a symbol as strong as a hanged baby can shake the minds of many people. It is not important for the audience to understand the installation the same way the author did as the piece allows people to feel and interpret freely. The piece was also selected for the Estonian Artists’ Association Spring Exhibition.

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