NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform


999 x 4000 cm

Paper, watercolor, diary, wood and different everyday objects Past years I have worked with organizing my personal chaos throught my art practice. I have been working with topics like boredom, loneliness, depression and inequality in society even before the crisis in spring brought all these issues into daylight, making them more relevant than ever as isolation was amplifying the feeling of helplessness through repetition. „I have to cope with it“ began with the series of watercolors, which sizes vary from small (31x23cm) representing a personal sphere and going big (~130cm x 160cm) the more general they are, representing the walls we build as a person, but also overall the fragmentation of the society through decreased sense of community. In the times of crisis we need all the help we could get, but if you have no community to depend on you start to sink very quick. The installation carousel illustrates the burden of my personal chaos in home isolation as different roles of family members colliding all under one roof, with workload and mess greater than ever and the relationships with family and neighbors more intense than ever. I was unable to solve all the problems in our family and work life, so I was left with endless feeling of “I am not enough”.

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Taste of one’s own medicine  
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