NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Patient/ Zine nr4, 2019

255 x 392 cm

Paper, honeycomb cardboard

For every year of studying at EKA, author has released one zine composed of materials that have accumulated during the year. The word zine derives from the word ‘magazine’ and means a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. Her zines are composed of two parts – collages made of photo material and text of scientific nature located on the collages. The theme of the first zine was finding a medicine to battle the Chikungunya virus, which featured text from a scientific article published by Laura Puusepp. This was followed by zines about opioids and genetic chimerism, which were also connected to Laura’s personal life. The current zine breaks the bonds of a paper publication and moves into the space. Just like the previous zines, it is also made of collages and text. The materials used to make the collage have been acquired throughout the three years of study at the Art Academy in the form of pictures, magazines, books and photographs. The text, however, originates from Laura Puusepp’s medical history, specifically of an instance from last spring when she was admitted to a hospital. Collages reflect her interests and personal taste, showing what materials she has collected previously. Her collection features different fashion magazines, picture books, photographs of animals and birds, and different erotic and pornographic materials. The piece was on exhibition at “TASE 2019”, which is an exhibition in The Estonian Academy of Arts in which the graduating students exhibited their final work.

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