NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Katariin Mudist Emerging artist

Katariin Mudist (b. 1994) lives and works in Tallinn. In 2022 she graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art and in 2018 she graduated from Tartu Art College with a degree in Media and Advertising Design. She continued his education in the Illustration Department of KASK, the University of Ghent and in the Moholy-Nagy, the University of Art in Budapest. Katariin mostly works with graphic drawings, animation, installation and ceramics. The central theme of her work is modern man and humanity from the perspective of everyday life. In her work, the invisible and small details of everyday life usually become universal motifs. It is also an important layer that abstracts and reflects society, which is often portrayed through robust style, humour and easily associated situations. For example, at the last exhibition “Invisible Attendees” held at the EKA Gallery in July 2021, Katariin revealed the nature of the work of a cleaner and the corresponding attitudes in society. The artist is currently working on a future exhibition at Tartu Art Hall, which should take place in the spring of 2021.


Wallish intervention I  
27 x 150 cm
Wallish intervention II  
24 x 220 cm
Wallish intervention III  
240 x 130 cm
Wallish intervention IV  
88 x 158 cm
Wallish intervention V  
140 x 52 cm
Wallish intervention VI  
159 x 260 cm
Wallish intervention VII  
171 x 232 cm
Wallish intervention IIX  
12 x 174 cm
Wallish intervention IX  
71 x 25 cm
Wallish intervention X  
88 x 26 cm
Wallish intervention XI  
61 x 225 cm
Wallish intervention XII  
100 x 100 cm


Fine, I'm thanks  
23 x 32 cm


Seven Slugs  
5 x 12 cm
The letter  
30 x 21 cm