NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Wallish intervention IV, 2022

88 x 158 cm

The 12 mural forms, built from residue bricks collected as found material, intervene in different ways with the space in front of and inside the main building of EKA. Spatial intervention is an art practice that uses space as the raw material of work while relating to it and dislocating it. The construction of sculptures from residue bricks involves not only masonry but also search and collection of found material and the subsequent dismantling of the compositions, which involves a great deal of logistical and physical work. The found material has been collected from wastelands or waste spaces around Tallinn and often contains slight references and cues to its past use. The use of residue bricks as a material provides the basis for a distinctive figural and visual aesthetic, which takes its final shape during the construction process. Artwork is Master`s degree final work and participated in the graduation exhibition “Tase 2022”.

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