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Heleliis Hõim

Heleliis Hõim

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Heleliis Hõim is an interdisciplinary artist working in parallel in different media. In addition to her MA studies in Contemporary Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts, she has studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts and at Belle di Arti de Milano University in Italy. She has also participated in international group exhibitions and art residencies such as "NordArt23", "La Wayaka" in Panama and "Policlinica 2020" in Ukraine.

Her work is characterised by a vibrant use of distinctive expressiveness, often incorporating elements of nature and organic forms in search of a subjective statement or dynamics in movement. A notable example of this is her recent solo exhibition 'The Chronicles of Mars' at the ARS Project Space (Tallinn 2022).

The artist has been inspired by observations and reflections on themes such as the use of authority, the phenomenon of being, empathy or the lack of it. In addition, Hõim has been fascinated by mystery, especially the chaotic nature of the human condition. She expresses these themes through works that explore being human at a time when the fundamentals of nature are still undervalued and social struggles are a daily occurrence.


Painting series Mediated by Heleliis Hõim
Painting series Mediated  
210 x 270 cm
Diptych: Substance by Heleliis Hõim
Diptych: Substance  
120 x 120 cm
Million Dollar View by Heleliis Hõim
Million Dollar View  
150 x 215 cm
Intermediation by Heleliis Hõim
160 x 150 cm
Meteorite 01 by Heleliis Hõim
Meteorite 01  
108 x 82 cm
Meteorite 02 by Heleliis Hõim
Meteorite 02  
120 x 120 cm
Touchstone by Heleliis Hõim
120 x 120 cm
Landscape with Touchstone by Heleliis Hõim
Landscape with Touchstone  
125 x 120 cm
Space Junk by Heleliis Hõim
Space Junk  
130 x 130 cm


Pretzel by Heleliis Hõim
20 x 50 cm

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