NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Pretzel, 2023

20 x 50 cm

Heleliis Hõim EKA graduation work included painting series, sculpture and a video
About the paintings series and video:https://noba.ac/en/artwork/painting-series-mediated/


“Pretzel” introduces a three-dimensional aspect to the video piece “Unfulfilled” and the painting series “Mediated,” capturing their inherent incompleteness while embracing imperfection as a central theme. This highlights the significance of subjectivity, the intricate nature of human existence, and the intricate relationship between individuals and their surroundings. These elements have been imprinted within us across generations and societal frameworks. Additionally, we find embedded social norms and narratives, where we often strive to surpass, conform, imitate, or contort ourselves into a twisted pretzel-like form, all in the pursuit of appearing desirable and superior to others, yearning for control, or inadvertently conforming to societal expectations.

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