NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Elizabete Slavinska Emerging artist

“Last 4 years I’ve been studying Art, History and Painting at Art Academy of Latvia. During my studies, I have been looking for the form and voice I
want to express my point of view of this world. My studies and final thesis research gave me a really big impact in my artistic development and gave me
the confidence in what kind of artist I want to become.
I found myself confident in expressing my position, as I like to recall the connection and close interaction between national, and political decisions
and their impact on art and its consequences on culture, as well as the positions and role of the artist in society today. I believe that art can
address certain political and social issues or interpret different social structures. For example, it can reveal different proportions of power in
society by offering an alternative understanding of certain events. That said, I wanted to highlight the importance of the concept in my expression
and what I found truly important in art.

Although I have always been very motivated to achieve my professional goals and have had a lot of challenges and huge work with myself, the most
important reason why I am so passionate and expressive in arts is a natural, creative impulse of inspiration, some kind of natural drive that
keeps me going, that sends a thrill down the spine and gets engraved in the memory. Expressing myself in art gives me a feeling when I know I am in the
right place, and that is the only way of living.”

Mixed media

Concrete cushion