NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Mari Roosvalt

Education: Graduated from Tallinn Art University on the speciality of painting in 1969. Appears on exhibitions since 1970, takes part in annual exhibitions in Tallinn also since 1970.

Pedagogical activity: 2001 – Head of Fine Arts, Open Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts.

Memberships: 1979 Estonian Artists Association 1997 presiding member of Estonian Painters’ Association 2002 member of Estonian Aquarellists’ Union 2006 Head of Estonian Painters’ Association

Awards: 1997 prize of Baltic Triennial, Riga, Latvian 2001 “Neues aquarell”, Internationale Biennale – III prize 2006 Konrad Mägi Award 2008 I Minsk International Painting Biennial – II prize

Works in collections: Estonian Art Museum, Estonia Tartu Art Museum, Estonia Artists’Union Exhibition Centre Moscow, Russia Russian Art Foundation Private collections in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Australia, America, Canada, France, Germany


Fragment III  
Synonym XIV  
Symbols IX  
Circle II