NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Mari Roosvalt

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Education: Graduated from Tallinn Art University on the speciality of painting in 1969. Appears on exhibitions since 1970, takes part in annual exhibitions in Tallinn also since 1970.

Pedagogical activity: 2001 – Head of Fine Arts, Open Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts.

Memberships: 1979 Estonian Artists Association 1997 presiding member of Estonian Painters’ Association 2002 member of Estonian Aquarellists’ Union 2006 Head of Estonian Painters’ Association

Awards: 1997 prize of Baltic Triennial, Riga, Latvian 2001 “Neues aquarell”, Internationale Biennale – III prize 2006 Konrad Mägi Award 2008 I Minsk International Painting Biennial – II prize

Works in collections: Estonian Art Museum, Estonia Tartu Art Museum, Estonia Artists’Union Exhibition Centre Moscow, Russia Russian Art Foundation Private collections in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Australia, America, Canada, France, Germany


Fragment III  
80 x 80 cm
Synonym XIV  
150 x 150 cm
98 x 88 cm
98 x 88 cm
Symbols IX  
50 x 50 cm
Circle II  
50 x 50 cm