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Mila Balti

Mila Balti (born 1970 in Tallinn) is a freelancer painting and jewellery artist, currently living in Kärdla, Hiiumaa, whose latest creations are inspired by the round-the-world trip with yacht “Martha” completed couple of years ago. She now feels special affection towards sea and birds, which are simultaneously symbolizing total freedom but also the parallel universes existing above us.

Her earlier works from the times of Pärnu, Academia Non Grata and Estonian Academy of Arts are characterized by large-scale hyper-realistic and metaphysical oil paintings which tell the stories of life itself spiced with philosophical titles. She was selected the Artist of the Year 2006 of Pärnu.

Mila is currently creating sea styled jewellery and small-scale paintings, to share her experience of breathing the wind on the free sea with other people.


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