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Drawing Breath (3), 2023

1 x 1 cm

The starting point of Drawing Breath is a play with words: it’s a study on how to visualize breath by drawing. The gesture is both meditative and performative. The drawing is guided by breath: the length of the exhale determines the number of lines, the state of mind determines the quality of them. Each inhale is a pause. The resulting marks, rhythms and lines resemble asemic writing or notation. The work is made with stone lithography. The artwork consists of four parts: a print on white Fabriano paper, an accompanying text print on thin tengujo paper, a video piece opening up the process and an ongoing book project: a collection of drawing breath on stone over the year, hand printed and hand bound into a book. Drawing Breath has been exhibited in Kuvan Kevät 2023, the MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. Duration of the video is 3 min 30 sec.



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Drawing Breath (1) - Jemiina Halonen
Drawing Breath (1)  
79 x 54 cm
Drawing Breath (2) - Jemiina Halonen
Drawing Breath (2)  
72 x 46 cm