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Jemiina Halonen Noor kunstnik

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Soome

Jemiina Halonen (1988) is an artist, printmaker and master’s student in the printmaking department of The Academy of Fine Arts in The University of Arts Helsinki. They completed their BA in Arts in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Kankaanpää in 2013. At the moment Jemiina Halonen mainly works with stone lithography, but is also interested in silkscreen and intaglio and the expanded field of printmaking. The driving force of their work is the will to master mediums, tools and materials and the practice can be characterized by curiosity and experimentation. Jemiina Halonen is interested in the codependency of printmaker and matrix: the co-creation of artworks in which the matrix is seen more as an independent entity with an agency instead of just means to an end.


Drawing Breath (1) - Jemiina Halonen
Drawing Breath (1)  
79 x 54 cm
Drawing Breath (2) - Jemiina Halonen
Drawing Breath (2)  
72 x 46 cm


Drawing Breath (3) - Jemiina Halonen
Drawing Breath (3)  
1 x 1 cm

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