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Elza Niedre Noor kunstnik

Elza Niedre

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Läti

Professional education of Elza Niedre started at the Riga School of Design and Art – Department of Environmental Design and continued at the Art Academy of Latvia, Department of Visual Communication. During the exchange program, Elza joined the Escola d’art i superior de disseny Serra i Abella and Escola Massana, Center d’Art i Disseny in Barcelona. She freshly gained her master’s degree in the Visual Communication Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Elsa’s work is mainly based on the study of human personality, focusing both inside and outside the boundaries of its figure. Who are they? Who do they think they are? How do they deal with the environment and other people in specific situations? The main knowledge base arises from the investigation of one’s own personality and its reflections, which are revealed in relations with the world, matter, surrounding people and accepted norms of society. Elza has participated in several group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. The most significant are – 2019. In the exhibition hall ARSENĀLS – the centennial exhibition of the Latvian Academy of Arts “Academia”; 2018 Kim? Center for Contemporary Art, group exhibition “MMXVIII”; 2016 In the attic of the Art Academy of Latvia, LMA bachelor’s exhibition “5 rooms”; 2014 RIXC, New Media Culture Center, group exhibition “XCII”. In 2016, she became one of the 10 finalists on the Latvian young photographers’ platform “FK Balva”;


Zerro point video - Elza Niedre
Zerro point video  
100 x 100 cm

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