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Deprived eye, 2024

70.5 x 56 cm

Tempera on plaster board, bole clay and 24k gold leaf This work is part of my MFA thesis “Images about disappearance” and it was exhibited in may 2024 in MFA degree show in the academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. The topic of my thesis focuses on the concepts of ego death and self-portrait, explored through the lens of Islamic Sufi philosophy and tradition. I aim translate a fleeting experience of the death of the self that i went through during a sufi dance session in to a painting. The painting “Deprived eye” depicts two eyes emerging from the matte paint surface. Other eye is made out of clay and the other form gold. I wanted to use materials that held strong associations. Clay eye represents grounding ideas about earth, soil and stillness. The golden eye on the other had glimmers reflecting ideas about holiness and wealth. The name “Deprived eye” refers to a medical condition where eye sight is lost due to a collapse in the structure of the eye. I want to leave it open for the viewer to choose which eye is blind.

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