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Dust to Dust, 2024

64 x 35 cm

bole clay, quartz sand, acrylic medium, styrofoam, cotton fabric This work is part of my MFA thesis “Images about disappearance” and it was exhibited in may 2024 in MFA degree show in the academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. The topic of my thesis focuses on the concepts of ego death and self-portrait, explored through the lens of Islamic Sufi philosophy and tradition. I aim translate a fleeting experience of the death of the self that i went through during a sufi dance session in to a painting. The painting “Dust to dust” depicts a nose and lips pushing up from the painting surface. The work is covered with bole clay making it look like it could be piece of soil. I wanted to reflect idea about decay and death. The figure is turning into a dust slowly loosing it own identity. The name of the painting “Dust to dust” also refers to death but it could also been seen as celebration of birth and life. The surface of the painting is cracked making it almost looking like a hatching egg.

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