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Boneless, 2024

70.5 x 56 cm

ink and paper This work is part of my MFA thesis “Images about disappearance” and it was exhibited in may 2024 in MFA degree show in the academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. The topic of my thesis focuses on the concepts of ego death and self-portrait, explored through the lens of Islamic Sufi philosophy and tradition. I aim translate a fleeting experience of the death of the self that i went through during a sufi dance session in to a painting. The painting “Boneless” depicts breast, more precisely nipples appearing in a skin like paper. Breast are symbolising in the painting, life, nurture and flesh. The painting was installed so that the nipples are on the eye level of an average viewer. They are gazing the viewer back not wanting to disappear like female nipples are often expected to do. I wanted to depict a body merging into a material, turning into one withe the surroundings. The choice of the paper was important. I wanted l thick paper that would have the matte texture of a human skin. I installed the paper with invisible magnet system where the paper appears just hanging on the wall on it´s own. The name “Boneless” is referring to meat product like chicken or fish dishes. I wanted to make an association between human flesh and animal flesh to highlight the non-unique nature of our bodies to any other living being and how we are all are going to be eaten but other in the end.

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