NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform
Art Week is a one-of-a-kind festival in the heart of the city involving all contemporary art genres and representing artists mostly from Estonia, but also from neighbouring countries.

The festival incorporates various art events, intriguing and educational discussions, exciting workshops and at times unbelievable performances in various locations all over the city. The most outstanding event of Art Week is The Big Art Day when galleries and art institutions participate with displays in the busiest location in the city.

From 2021, Art Week will be held in towns and cities all over Estonia, starting with Pärnu. This trend goes hand in hand with the former art week tradition of the Estonian Artists’ Association, which has been organised since 1960. In 1974 it was decided that art week should be held in a different location every year, for example Hiiumaa was visited by 12,032 people in 1980 which was a record for this small island. Having brought the format of Art Week back to people’s minds in the capital, the organisers of the event wish to bring art to a wider audience outside Tallinn.

The organising team of Art Week believes that the programme enlivens the city’s cultural life and strengthens the city’s art scene, reaches a wider audience, revitalises tourism in the neighbouring region and, of course, inspires artists.

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