NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

ANISA Aleksandra Ianchenko Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

ANISA (Aleksandra Ianchenko) accomplished two Masters’ degrees in Monumental and Decorative Art in Irkutsk, Russia and in Art Management in Moscow and in Berlin. Currently, she is finishing a joint doctoral degree at Tallinn University and Åbo Akademi University. Her doctoral thesis is based on artistic research about the atmospheres of trams which includes such methods as on-site sketching and site-specific performances. Her works in different media from acrylic painting to video offer unexpected and humorous views on everyday life.


Baikal Tram  
90 x 65 cm
Birch Beauty Duo  
50 x 80 cm
Fashion Safari  
50 x 40 cm
It is not a Swedish Flag  
40 x 50 cm
Tram in Kopli  
90 x 65 cm
80 x 60 cm
The two  
50 x 40 cm
Passenger Pigeon  
50 x 70 cm