NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Forgotten in the Box 1, 2023

Video installation: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro; Artist’s Book: digital press, wooden box with holes

Facing a crisis situation can cause a lot of negative emotions. When the crisis situation is prolonged, one forgets about specific problems, and one gets used to living with a particular message. In my project, I try to justify the person’s retreat from certain events. Still, at the same time, I want to remind people and emphasize the importance of those events. In my project, I appose humans and animals crisis situations. I use typography and photographs to create images via the air holes in the animal transport boxes. In this way, I try to understand what the animals “imprisoned” in the boxes endure. It is that way I try to put the viewer in an uncomfortable situation in order to raise people’s awareness.


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Forgotten in the Box 2 by Lidia Boćwińska
Forgotten in the Box 2  
1 x 1 cm
Forgotten in the Box 3 by Lidia Boćwińska
Forgotten in the Box 3  
1 x 1 cm