NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

"Tracking" Part 3 (edition 1/3), 2020

100 x 100 cm

Videowork (4min 6sec)

“A dead fox cub is lying on the side of the road. Its coat is not yet reddish brown, but rather yellowish or golden in colour. I open the car window and drive slowly past it. From what I can tell, it had perished very quickly. For a while, I think about stopping, but then I decide to drive on. Soon I start to regret my decision, but keep on going. I’ll choose another route on the way back.”

Artist work “Tracking” 2020 is a documented performance with 3 different parts. It was a part of MFA Degree Show of Uniarts Helsinki’s Acdemy of Fine Arts. The work is based on an emotional response to a wild animal killed by traffic. Artist regards her work as a series of clumsy, yet human, attempts to approach another being in respectful way. Artist marked down the places in her works where someone that she didn’t know personally passed away.


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