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Aura Kotkavirta

Aura Kotkavirta

Artist's country of origin: Finland

Aura Kotkavirta (b.1982) works with different techniques of printmaking, video, stone carving etc. Her works are usually site specific and she uses photograph or video as a starting point. She combines photography with graphic techniques, such as photogravuire and imagOn. Kotkavirta received her BFA from Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2019 and is at the moment working with her Masters. Her works have been part of group exhibitions in Porvoo Art Hall, Jyväskylä Art Museum and Mänttä Art Festival. Her work is featured in The Finnish State Art Collection. Kotkavirta works in Helsinki and lives in Vantaa.


"Tracking" Part 1, (edition 1/3) by Aura Kotkavirta
"Tracking" Part 1, (edition 1/3)  
47 x 62 cm
"Tracking" Part 2 (edition 1/3) by Aura Kotkavirta
"Tracking" Part 2 (edition 1/3)  
10 x 15 cm


"Tracking" Part 3 (edition 1/3) by Aura Kotkavirta
"Tracking" Part 3 (edition 1/3)  
100 x 100 cm

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