NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Surface Beneath, 2018

100 x 30 cm

Wood, paper, glass, led lights, loupe

The artist’s comment on the artwork: “The starting point was to seek deeper into papers layers and to search some information that was still hidden in the material. I am dealing with the understanding that we can not see or understand everything around us. Our vision is limited. And then again I continue searching with different methods something unseen in the material and in the paper. I have used a sand blowing machine to break a pack of paper. I have gone deeper in the material with the sand and the paper has revealed different layers. It is a way for me to see how the material is acting. Looking that sand blowed hole with a magnifying loop and having a light underneath the pack of paper shows something I haven´t discovered before. It reminds me of a tunnel. I want to see behind the surface of that paper to find out what might be beneath it.”