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Aušra Mačiulaitienė Emerging artist

Aušra Mačiulaitienė

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

I was born on September 14, in 1982 in Kintai, in the region of Shilute; born at the break of dawn – next to the stretching lagoon of Marios. Therefore, nature has become an inseparable part of my life. After graduating from Vilnius Art Academy in 2005, I started designing custom jewelry with precious metals. Personally, I prefer organic, pure and natural forms; they inspire me to create unique jewelry of soft shapes and patterns. My artwork usually does not carry many fine details. I mostly like pure forms which I embellish with subtle patterns, colors and reliefs. Enamel – that is another way to express oneself and one’s ideas through color. Its brightness and depth continue to surprise and amaze me every time; it allures me to try something new and unique, for enamel is mysterious and unpredictable. One never knows what color or subtle color combination it will open into. And another material that appeared just before I started my studies, is amber dust. It is a material that also gives birth to unexpected works of art. Now I am a mother of three children. They inspired me to create a collection “Allusions” with my memories that I now see in my children. I am very keen to show people that what may seem sentimental, or trite, in another form, can be transformed into a very precious, modern and cherished object.


ALLUSIONS by Aušra Mačiulaitienė
8 x 11 cm
ALLUSIONS by Aušra Mačiulaitienė
40 x 10.5 cm

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