NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Strangers at the Abyss, 2023

100 x 100 cm

Mixed materials

Artist worked on a installation for ten months. It was installed for the bachelor group show  (Kandinäyttely 2023).

In parallel with the physical objects, the work was accompanied with a soundwork, that stretches over 14 tracks and 34 minutes and can be heard in its entirety at: Soundwork

You came here

From a feeling of falling

In a place where nothing is true

Close your eyes and forget your name

From nightmare to the utmost precipice of hope, we are strangers at the Abyss

Born again through the strange beauty of creativity

I can see by the look that you have in your eyes

That you are searching for something else

The luring light of fire in the night

The flaming endless shapeless bottomless lawless spectrum of who we are or who we aren’t, if we’re anything at all

A torch is lit for the outsider

Tonight we live! And tonight, we shall die!

Without meaning, answers, and truth we will wander across the plains of the unknown in joyous celebration of this life beneath the sun to the endless void of possibilities

Now; hold my hand as we let go

Video documentation of the work: Video