NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Resurrection of mammoth, 2022


Fire, ochra, scratches

Just as cavemen painted with ochre, fire and etchings on the walls, I, as a modern caveman with my torch fire technique, am trying to capture and resurrect the Mammoths that actually existed, walked, and lived in this place. Their bones are found in Vilnius city, so I want to resurrect them in that place and bring them back to life in a new, modern way. The drawings on the wall in gallery that I created was made of fire-created brittle soot telling the story of the Mammoths’ existence and real ochre pigments used by cave people. I want to realise this idea of the “Mammoth Resurrection” project on the wall of a garage in Vilnius city, where there is a real geo-political place where real Mammoth bones were found. So before I am doing that I am bringing these Mammoths into gallery space, like a street art and contemporary art merged.