NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Liina Salonen Emerging artist

Liina Salonen is a photo and video artist. She graduated with a degree in photography from the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2022. She chose documentary filmmaking as her thesis. In addition to Pallas, Salonen has studied at Interaction Docs documentary film workshop in Serbia. Salonen had her first solo exhibition “500m above reality” in 2019, at the bar Uba ja Humal in Tallinn. The exhibition featured dreamlike landscapes of Southern Europe. Other notable solo exhibitions have been “Mitote”, in 2020. This is a series of experimental self-portraits. An exhibition of landscape photographs, “The Inbetween Land”, opened in 2021. The exhibition featured a series of landscape photographs of the Polish Tatras. The most recent exhibition, “In Bloom”, opened in the summer of 2021 at Luke Manor and is still on view. The exhibition features still life photographs and mixed media photographic works. In 2021, Salonen was awarded a scholarship in the field of arts at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences.


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