NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Lucky to be here, 2022


The short documentary “Lucky to be here” focuses on competition in the ballet world. The film’s main subjects are ballet dancers Josef Jagger and Selma Strandberg of the Estonian Vanemuine Theatre. Josef comes from England and Selma from Sweden. Neither of them had any plans to move to Estonia, but they followed their careers. As did many of their colleagues, most of whom are not Estonian. The examples of Joseph and Selma are among many in the ballet world. High competition forces dancers to travel far from home, often as teenagers. “Lucky to be here” is a film about two young people’s passion for ballet. This idea came from my enduring interest in dance. As I looked more closely into the lives of Josef and Selma, I became fascinated by a particular aspect of their lives – their willingness to turn their lives upside down depending on where they managed to get a job or a spot at school. The film was exhibited in the Pallas thesis exhibition in 2022.