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Povilas Kupcinskas Emerging artist

Povilas Kupcinskas

Artist's country of origin: Lithuania

I am street artist making murals with fire. Most important my works are: „Bernardin from Sienna immortalize“ Mural from soot on old monastery, that immortalize saint Bernardin. Vilnius city-initiated programme “I Create Vilnius” that revitalises forgotten spaces in the capital. „Resurrection of mammoth“ Exhibitinion on fire, where street art and contenperory art merged, I like a modern caveman with fire, scrathches and ochra pigments immortalized mammoths that was here in Vilnius city. “Crows Gathering” mural which I created in the open-air street art gallery “Open gallery” next to worlds wide international artist Telmo Miel „Dream about the past“ On one of the abandoned, dilapidated buildings of Kaunas Fortress 1, from fragile soot I immortalized the story of war that took place there during World War I. „Memorial mural“ University of Glasgow commission work for SWG3 Street Art Association to immortalize students that passed away.

Street Art

Resurrection of mammoth by Povilas Kupcinskas
Resurrection of mammoth  
300 x 1100 cm

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