NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Meta, 2021


Pencil, acrylics, organic glass, transportation belt, mirrors

For a few years I had a connection with the word Meta. For me it really implies because of its use in physics, language or other subjects, which I
have an interest in. This piece resembles the lingual connection to a word Meta from the Greek prefix “after” or “beyond” and when combined in english
words it often signifies “change”. The work was published a few weeks prior to Facebook’s Meta announcement which established the connection with
social and technological themes. It depicts the so-called social media and how it crumbles right now from capitalistic visions, destroying the
underlying values of morality “connecting everyone” and how it changes the world in a social context. The forms represent its rapid and aggressive
approach, with mirrors which is an invitation to the viewer to assess the situation in which one is part of.

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