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Madara Kvēpa Emerging artist

Madara Kvēpa

Artist's country of origin: Latvia

Madara Kvepa (born 1996, Riga, Latvia) has graduated both Bachelor’s (2019) and Masters’ (2021) programme at the Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department. So far she has hosted eight solo-exhibitions, the last one being the exhibition “Whole” curated by Auguste Petre in the summer of 2021, as a part of the Art Festival Cesis programme, Latvia. Madara has participated in numerous group-exhibitions, including the exhibition “ACADEMIA” (2019), celebrating the 100th anniversary of Art Academy of Latvia, taking place at the exhibition hall “Arsenāls” (part of the Latvian National Museum of Art). Her painting “Sun Screams in the city” (2018) was included in the art collection of Grand Poet Hotel Riga (Semarah Hotels). In the summer of 2020 she received the SEB Bank’s grant in painting. Interviews about her artistic practice have been published in such magazines as “L’Officiel Latvia” (2018 august/september issue), magazine “Pastaiga” (2019 september issue), as well as on the digital platform on January 2021 (“What artists are doing right now. Madara Kvepa”). Her talk with art historian Ilze Putnina about Madara’s solo-exhibition “Our home” (2018) was broadcasted live on TV24 on august 2018. Madara Kvepa is currently working as a guest lecturer at the Art Academy of Latvia, teaching Painting and Composition courses to 1st and 2nd year students.


Sprezzatura. I by Madara Kvēpa
Sprezzatura. I  
110 x 175 cm
Sprezzatura. IV by Madara Kvēpa
Sprezzatura. IV  
195 x 70 cm
Sprezzatura. II by Madara Kvēpa
Sprezzatura. II  
190 x 145 cm


INTENTION by Madara Kvēpa
20 x 80 cm


CAVITY by Madara Kvēpa
90 x 100 cm


Sprezzatura. Fossils of the studio by Madara Kvēpa
Sprezzatura. Fossils of the studio  
100 x 100 cm


THE BORDER by Madara Kvēpa
160 x 100 cm

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