NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Love, 2022

98 x 55 cm

Pencil, acrylics, organic glass, styrofoam, transportation belts.

It depicts the depth and complexity of love. Forms and their multi-layerdness express time periods that people go through. Work is a part of the “Enthusiasm” exhibition. An artist must discover a space for himself, like a gambler discovers Las Vegas. Whether we are thinking about a physical state or a fictitious one, impulsiveness and confidence helps to create a natural work. At such state, a person does not think about consequences, extremes, boundaries disappear. In my opinion, this is how captivating works are born, in which the artist is able to express not only his capabilities or a certain idea, but the work of art itself acquires complexity and can start to manipulate the viewers gaze to it. The exhibition was called “Enthusiasm” (healthy gambling) it consisted of installative drawings, animations and sculptures. Repetitive synthesized geometric shapes and their multi-layeredness prevail in the works. Repetitions is like references to kitschy pop culture – help the viewer to get the impression that he is in an unconventional, gambling space. I do not limit myself to the flat plane of a drawing, but rather gamble with various techniques and analyse the boundaries between traditional artistic ways of expression and experimental exposition systems. By doing so the opportunity to manipulate the viewer’s gaze opens up and allows everyone to personally feel the joy of discovery. The main element of my creative process is coincidence. As in the mind of gambler– everything is based on momentum and impulsivity- where the choices they take are completely natural and most of it based on chance. The broader understanding the artist has in hardware, in the field of physics or chemistry, in electronics, light, composition, the stronger he can keep a sharp eye towards creating multi-staged and complex art. With these and many other experiences, instant decisions take on a more focused and strategic shape.

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